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   Casia provides a range of global international transportation services. As an international freight forwarding company with NVOCC qualification and growing rapidly, we are currently conducting full-scale cross-border e-commerce logistics services in Canada and the United States through the business model of Air + Express, Ocean+Express and delivery services. It can provide almost all the door-to-door service of Amazon FBA warehouse.

   For FBA warehouses all over the United States, Europe,Japan and Canada, we provide exclusive development routes to Amazon sellers, with economical and fast service for customers to choose. FCL, LCL is our strength, and customized services according to the customer's own needs, special customers to follow up, special treatment, will not mix boxes, to ensure the speed of customs clearance.

      In addition, we are cooperating with UPS, DHL, TNT to ensure the most cost-effective delivery service. We provide direct shipping to FBA warehouses by sea, air and express. We have realized international transportation, customs clearance, international warehousing, global delivery, one-stop service, with professional knowledge and quality service, we are dedicated to providing fast, convenient, low-cost, high-quality, high-efficiency and full-service positioning for major e-commerce sellers.Cross-border e-commerce logistics services.

   Just one call, one email, professional e-commerce logistics team will provide you with efficient and stable logistics services, real-time control of each of your single goods in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany, customs clearance and Europe, North America Delivery service.


Ocean + Express: We provide global merchants with bulk cargo (LCL) direct flights from major ports in China to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada,Australia,Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, etc., enabling global sellers to ship small quantities. Still enjoy the very favorable shipping price, and enjoy the same protection as the full container in the shipping cycle, transportation time, door-to-door service, etc., and provide reliable transportation timeliness and visualized transportation status tracking to meet the global seller supply chain. The need for efficient operation.

Air + Express: We have a sound air service network that provides global door-to-door service to global sellers. According to the different time limit requirements of customers, we will import and export air cargo, booking passengers, organizing charter flights, storage, documents and customs declaration. Our professional staff have extensive air transportation experience to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination efficiently and safely. We work well with major airlines to ensure adequate space and cost savings.

International Express: Casia Global Logistics Co., LTD is committed to providing international express mail solutions for agents and peers, and agents such as DHL, UPS,FEDEX, TNT, EMS and other international express mail services. With our professional and resource advantages, we provide safe and reliable services for our peers. Fast and accurate shipping channels, services can reach every country or region of the world, the same world network, the same quality service, different preferential prices.

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